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November 2018

Unreal C++ Tutorial – Player Character Series – Punch – Part 1

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Hey guys,

Today we have a new video in a series of videos looking at the Player Character.

Specifically we are going to examine various mechanics of the player character and how we can replicate them in C++. Some of the topics we are going to look at are animations, sound effects, particles, collisions and various other technical topics all in the form of fun skills and features we can introduce to our player.

Our first video is all about crafting a Punch mechanic using Animation Montages.

For this I have created a GitHub Project for you guys to start from, as well as the final version of the project listed under the “part1-end” GitHub branch.

If you would like more information about animation montages check out the following links:


Thanks for taking a look and tune back for more.

How to disable Oculus VR / Google VR / Steam VR plugins in Unreal Engine

By Development, Tutorial 2 Comments

Hey guys,

This is for all the Unreal devs out there who have a VR headsets and cannot stand the fact that the VR plugins are enabled by default, never fear ! Here is a quick little walk through of how to disable them.

With the Unreal Engine open do the following:

  • Go to Edit -> Plugins
  • Search for “VR” plugins
  • Note all the plugins you want to disable and who makes them


Now open up your file explorer and navigate to:

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\[ENGINE VERSION]\Engine\Plugins\Runtime

NOTE: you will have to repeat this exercise for all the versions of the Unreal Engine you use as they don’t carry over. In my case I had to update 4.21 and 4.20 independently.


Here you will notice all the various plugins that are available to the engine. We are going to look for the folders of the plugins we want to disable, in my case the Oculus one. This can be found under ..\Runtime\Oculus\OculusVR\OculusVR.uplugin

We are going to pop open the *.uplugin file in a text editor and look for the following line: “EnabledByDefault”: true

Change the “true” to a “false“.

Save your file. Restart Unreal Engine and now when you start a new project, BAM no more VR plugins by default.


Animation Re-targeting with Unreal using Mixamo assets

By Development, Tutorial 9 Comments

Hey guys,

Today I have another tutorial for you, this time discussing how you can import new animations into Unreal Engine and re target them against your character.

For my example I will be using a character from Mixamo, which is a site support by Adobe that has various 3d models and animation resources for folks to use. Since the animations come with their own skeletal definitions you have to re target them otherwise they will be unusable when you bring them into Unreal.

You can also find the source code used in this tutorial on my GitHub page.

In addition to the video here is a quick map of the bones from the Unreal Mannequin and how they map against the Mixamo model.

Also a few more resources from Epic about animation re targeting.

Thanks for taking a look and stay tuned for more.

Unreal – Base


Root Hips
Pelvis Hips
spine_01 Spine
spine_02 Spine1
spine_03 Spine2
clavicle_l LeftShoulder
UpperArm_L LeftArm
lowerarm_l LeftForeArm
Hand_L LeftHand
clavicle_r RightShoulder
UpperArm_R RightArm
lowerarm_r RightForeArm
Hand_R RightHand
neck_01 Neck
Head head
Thigh_L LeftUpLeg
calf_l LeftLeg
Foot_L LeftFoot
Thigh_R RightUpLeg
calf_r RightLeg
Foot_R RightFoot

Unreal – Advanced


index_01_l LeftHandIndex1
index_02_l LeftHandIndex2
index_03_l LeftHandIndex3
middle_01_l LeftHandMiddle1
middle_02_l LeftHandMiddle2
middle_03_l LeftHandMiddle3
pinky_01_l LeftHandPinky1
pinky_02_l LeftHandPinky2
pinky_03_l LeftHandPinky3
ring_01_l LeftHandRing1
ring_02_l LeftHandRing2
ring_03_l LeftHandRing3
thumb_01_l LeftHandThumb1
thumb_02_l LeftHandThumb2
thumb_03_l LeftHandThumb3
index_01_r RightHandIndex1
index_02_r RightHandIndex2
index_03_r RightHandIndex3
middle_01_r RightHandMiddle1
middle_02_r RightHandMiddle2
middle_03_r RightHandMiddle3
pinky_01_r RightHandPinky1
pinky_02_r RightHandPinky2
pinky_03_r RightHandPinky3
ring_01_r RightHandRing1
ring_02_r RightHandRing2
ring_03_r RightHandRing3
thumb_01_r RightHandThumb1
thumb_02_r RightHandThumb2
thumb_03_r RightHandThumb3
ball_l LeftToeBase
ball_r RightToeBase