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Unreal C++ Tutorial – Player Character Series – Movement – Crouch & Stance Changes using Animation Blending + State Machine

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Hey guys,

Today we return back to the Player Character series, this time talking about how we can add in a crouch component, switch states from idle to armed and combine all those mechanics together using some blending techniques. Additionally we are going to introduce a timer mechanic that resets our armed stance back to idle.

As usual you can find the project from the video on our GitHub page.

Unreal Engine C++ Fundamentals – FTimerHandle & Timers

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Hey guys,

We are bouncing back to C++ Fundamentals this time looking at FTimerHandle and  Timers in general by messing around with our props.

Additionally you can always find the sample project on our GitHub page.

Timers ?! What are they ?

Timers allow us to trigger events based on elapsed time in the form of creating asynchronous callbacks to specific function pointers.

Plain English: we light a fuse, let it burn down, something explodes !

How do we make these magical exploding clocks ?