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January 2019

Unreal C++ Props – Destructible Components

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Hey guys,

Today we are going to start introducing props for our character to interact with and I can’t think of anything better then creating a bunch of things to smash.

For this tutorial we will use the Apex Destruction plugin to generate some destructible meshes which we can then hookup to our destructible components.

If you would like to permanently configure this plugin so it’s always enabled here is a quick overview on how plugins are managed in Unreal.

The started project can be found on the GitHub project page.

Additionally here a bunch of links if you would like to read a bit more about these various components:

Unreal Engine C++ Fundamentals – Override UAnimInstance

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Hey guys,

This week we continue on with fundamentals, this time going over how to override UAnimInstance in order to have more control and tighter C++ integration with our other classes.

You can find the source code for this video on the GitHub project page.

We looked at UAnimInstance before, have you gone senile !

Last time we looked at UAnimInstance was in the context of using it to access montage controls to give us finer control over our animation playback. This time we are going to move the Event Graph definition from a blue print driven anim instance and migrate all that functionality into our own C++ class.


Why bother rolling our own ? Blueprints are easy !