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May 2019

Unreal Engine C++ Fundamentals – Interfaces!

By Development, Tutorial, Unreal 3 Comments

Hey guys,

Today we resume our C++ Fundamentals lessons by looking at interfaces and how they can help simply our life by allowing for common contracts to be shared by different game actors.

As usual you can find the start project on our GitHub page.

What is an interface ? Tell me !

An interface is an abstract definition of a contract. What this means is an interface defines how our class can be interfaced ( hah ! ) with while keeping the implementation details away.

More than that it allows us to create a common method signature between various disparate objects.

Consider I have an interface that has a method on it called “DoStuff” and I have two objects, Dog and Person, that inherit this interface. When I call Dog->DoStuff he may perform a trick while if I call the same method of Person->DoStuff he may tell me to fuck off and to stop bothering them. But from the point of view of the code interacting with those actors it’s the same behavior.

This allows for a lot of re-use and generic implementations while keeping the details of those implementations specific.

This all seems very abstract, show me code !