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Unreal C++ Tutorial – Player Character Series – Punch – Part 3 – Collision events

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Hey guys,

Today we are going to jump into exploring collision events and continue from our last tutorial.

Now to get our collision events working we are going to go over the following topics:

  • Delegates – 04:00 – delegates allow us to defer logic from specific events to our internal methods based on aligning our method signature with what the delegate expects.
  • OnComponentHit – 05:00 – OnComponentHit provides is with information when a block event occurs between two entities in the world.
  • FHitResult – 15:00 – the FHitResult struct contains a lot of important information not only about the entity we are colliding with but also all the details about the collision, point of impact, various transform vectors, time, distance, etc etc
  • OnComponentBeginOverlap / OnComponentEndOverlap – 18:00 – these are notifications that will fire during the course of our animation playback and trigger specific events on our player character. In our case we are simply going to enable the collisions on our collision boxes.

As usual we have our starter project on GitHub as well as the final version for you to try out. Additionally here are a few links to do some further reading on the items we discussed.

Thanks for taking a look and tune back for more.