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Unreal Engine C++ Fundamentals – LineTraceSingleByChannel and friends ( DrawDebugBox, DrawDebugLine, FHitResult and VRandCone )

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Hey guys,

Back to fundamentals with LineTraceSingleByChannel and a bunch of other little methods that go, oh so well, with line traces.

First thing’s first, what is LineTraceSingleByChannel ?

Trace a ray against the world using a specific channel and return the first blocking hit … straight out of the documentation.

If that is not clear enough perhaps this picture can illustrate roughly what a line trace does. Let’s break it down:

  • So the line trace in our case is the stick
  • The start point of the line trace in the world is the bottom right hand corner where someone is holding it
  • The end or the destination of the line trace is Ned Flanders’s eye.
  • Cool.

Now what can we do with line traces ?

Turns out a bunch of stuff.

We can use them to determine where objects are in space relative to us.

For example, in the picture above, the game creator is sending a line trace from the GetRightVector and GetForwardVector location and based on the collision of those hits.

He can then determine the next move for the tile based character component.

He is also determining if the line trace is interacting with any static meshes and if that occurs he shoots out another line trace now parallel to the characters forward vector whatever the remainder of the length of the trace was.

So, all those games you enjoy playing, that are turn / tile based, can be very easily created using this technique !


Let’s take a look at the other example.

Here we can shoot a line trace against a component in order to determine if it can be destroyed.

We are going to do something similar to this example but don’t let my lack of imagination stop you from trying other wacky possibilities.

Ok let’s get to drawing some line traces and stop screwing around