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Unreal C++ Tutorial – Player Character Series – Punch – Part 5 – Playing Sounds

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Hey guys,

Today we are going start expanding our project by adding in and playing our punch sound.

The topics we are going to cover in the tutorial are:

  • USoundCue – 01:30 – we are going to attach our WAV file to a sound cue and bring that into our code.
  • UAudioComponent – 08:10 – we are then going to tie our sound cue to our audio component to be able to handle playback.
  • Playing sounds – 12:50 – we are going trigger the playing of the sound and adjusting it’s pitch to introduce a bit of variance.

As usual we have our started GitHub project as well as the final version with our sounds implemented.

Additionally here are a few links to do some further reading on the items we discussed:

Thanks for taking a look and we’ll see you next time.